Stop things going bump in the night

9 Oct

While October brings darker nights and Hallowe’en there’s no need to be scared of things that go bump in the night.

It’s a fact of life that most problems that can impact a business don’t happen between 0900 – 1700. The best way to help you sleep soundly at night is to spend some time thinking about what could hit your company and what you can do to reduce the risk.

That doesn’t mean investing in garlic to keep the vampires away or silver bullets for werewolves – in fact the vast majority of measures are free… they just take thought, information gathering and experience.

The steps are similar to those that the horror movies over the years have shown us -

1. Plan and prepare: vampire hunters use this to collect Holy Water, stakes and a Crucifix. You can use this stage to think about what could realistically impact your business and plan what you’d need to do to deal with it (or remove the risk altogether)

2. Protect and provide: there’s always an expert who steps in to help the people under pressure in movies. These people know the weak-spot for the demon and how to deal with the situation effectively – taking the pressure off. The same is true when dealing with a crisis situation. Those leaders who are the most successful in an emergency know their limitations and drawn upon the skills and knowledge of those experts (internal and external) to help the organisation succeed in an emergency

3. People and process: when dawn rises in the movies the team comes together both to celebrate success in defeating in the demon, surviving the situation and to support each other. Exactly the same process should happen after a crisis. Never under estimate the impact of supporting your team in the aftermath as this is where companies and leaders shine.

While you won’t need to plan for a vampire attack (unless you possibly look after a blood bank) there will be risks that you face and taking this time is a real investment, as the best way to grow is to protect what you already have.

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